Images make our world more beautiful and are all around us. Near the metro station a sign indicates the entrance; in newspapers, cover pictures often tell a story better than a thousand words can, and on every corner we find the logo of the company that creates those products we all love.

Images  are wonderful because they can express ideas in just an instant. I love the process of creating them, in every format, size, and style. I enjoy placing an image where before there was nothing, and figuring out their conceptual relationship with their environment. Furthermore, I adore making images move. As an animator in After Effects I feel like a puppeteer, creating astonishing narratives while sitting at my computer.


Images rather static or with motion, are a great resource to communicate new ideas. Everybody knows how to look through images naturally, and our brains are wired to make the most of this unique skill.

Creating visual identities and motion graphics within the context of a specific campaign is what I enjoy the most, as well as studying the phenomenons that happen on individuals and groups along the visual communication process.

If you want to see more in detail how my creative process works and knowing how I can contribute to the project you have in mind, do not hesitate to text me on the chatbox below.

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Hello there,
Here there is some more info about my work:

I draw and express myself through images since childhood, it just feels so natural to me. 

I have studied fine arts in Buenos Aires and took special courses in Animation and graphic design in Berlin, the place where I currently live.

I am highly skilled in the whole Adobe suite, have also experience creating storyboards and video editing.

I love to develop a specific visual concept for each project and push creativity always forward.

The softwares i use the most are:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After effects, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma and Lightroom.

I am currently improving in 3D animation with Cinema4D and color editing with DaVinci.

In the next future, i would like to learn CSS coding and HTML5.